Cysidus Baster Admin replied

274 weeks ago

You can only fully clear coil once per week, once you finished a turn you CANNOT go back to that turn, however you can skip some turn by having leader who is further than you. What this means is that it's not spammable by using random combination of people, except maybe 1 or 2 who don't mind skipping some turn.

This thread is for making a static party for binding coil, whenever needed you can also try bringing other non-fc member to fill the gap. Or even better get them to our FC. Try to post your playtime too if possible. We also have a joint LS specifically for coil called Whatever (yes that's the name), contact someone from FC to join this LS to further arrange the parties.

Mumble, voice chatting, is provided if you want to discuss tactic during battle. Click on the word mumble on the main page to join the channel. Make sure you have mumble installed.

Tank: Need at least one PLD
Healer: Anything, but WHM/SCH is stronger than WHM/WHM which is stronger than SCH/SCH
- Need at least one BRD
- Might need at least one BLM on turn4
- Maximum 2 melee, otherwise put more BRD/BLM/SMN

Relic and at least half DL for turn1. Relic+1 (except tank and brd) and full DL for turn4.

So who wants to static with me, myuun PLD? for next couple months i can play on NA evening/night and morning/noon everyday. No afternoon (`3`)p

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Gara Member replied

274 weeks ago

I am interested.

Available as:
Full DL, BLM Stardust Rod +1
Full DL, SMN Veil of Wiyu

Amaki Akira Member replied

274 weeks ago

Count me in. I still need to finish my primal fights but full DL (with Hetairos Elmo)

Relic will come with primals (this week my goal is to try and finish my primals with or without FC either is fine)

Dragoon, all DL but Hetairos Elmo
My life is a chip in the pile, time to ante up.

Genju replied

274 weeks ago

oo oo *raises hand*
tried doin coil 1 with pugs but failed horribly :( but

Full DL and +1 Relic BLM :D

Trix Member replied

273 weeks ago

Lets get this on a regular schedule :o
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