Cysidus Baster Admin replied

274 weeks ago

If you need help with your relic quest, please post here with your job and progress.
Requirement: you must be willing to farm CM/AK on your own and not being carried all the way. Protip: Ask in FC if anyone need to do CM/AK, usually after weekly reset everyone is doing them.

Also post here if you can help other member with their relic.

I can help with PLD. Need help with BRD from Chimera.

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Amaki Akira Member replied

274 weeks ago

Dragoon need help with Garuda and Titan

Willing to help on other parts you might have to contact me though people if I'm busy and we can set up a run time.

(Just started working as a Substitue teacher not sure how I want my schedule yet)
My life is a chip in the pile, time to ante up.

Chirol Member replied

274 weeks ago

Pld/War lvl 50
Need help with Titan HM. Can also help for the other bosses of Relic quest.
Just send me a message

Trix Member replied

274 weeks ago

I can help w/ whatever parts are needed. pld / brd lvl 50, reliced
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